AKKO GLOBAL TECH INVENTIONS”, a company registered under the law of Nigeria to carry out ICT related projects across the country. Our Organisation design software that would otherwise save cost and guarantee efficiency, thus, we sought partnership with credible Private Organisations and Government Enterprises in providing services that would align with what you already have, for the purpose of increasing your customer base and revenue.

Akko Global Tech stepping up investments in skills. We are adopting an ambitious National Skills Development Schemes in all 774 local Government across Nigeria

The main objective is about the relevance and quality of training. Matching the provision of skills with labour market demand requires labour market information systems to generate, analyse and disseminate reliable sectoral and occupational information, and institutions that connect employers with training providers. It is also about equality of opportunity in access to education, training, employment services and employment, in order that the demand for training from all sectors of society is met.

It is about easing the movement of workers and enterprises from declining or low-productivity activities and sectors into expanding and higher- productivity activities and sectors. Learning new skills, upgrading existing ones and lifelong learning can all help workers to maintain their employability and enterprises to adapt and remain competitive.

SKILAT is an application designed to provide job opportunities for both Skilled professionals and Artisans. The word SKILAT was coined out of SKILLS AND ARTISANS. This app is available on both Appstore and google store for download.